Poinswap v1.0

Referrals FAQ

Anything you need to know about referral program
Don't forget, 1 wallet for 1 adoption only. It is counted as 1 account and you need to return your slime if you want to adopt a new one
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    How to track my referral rewards? You will have additional trackers on your dashboard to track your referral progress. There are 5 tier availables. Please read here for more information
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    How would you pay my referral rewards? All Referral rewards are in USDT. It is claimable for every 2 weeks. Please read here for more information
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    What if i cancel my subscription midway? Your referral program rewards are canceled and need re-subscribe to resume your rewards. However, all tokens are still claimable
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    What if i have more questions? Join our telegram group and ask right away to our admin here