Presale FAQ

Warning: Poinswap has not launched any token yet. Please make sure the website you click is, and any social media handle should be from the website. Beware of scam!

  1. Why you should subscribe a slime Subscribing a slime to join Presale. Well, aside of that, they are cute and adorable aren't they? don't forget they give you a lot of special benefits as well! read here for more information

  2. What is the subscription duration? You can choose to adopt the slime between 1 to 3 month

  3. Is it an NFT? No it is not, however you will be able to mint it for free after TGE. please read here for more information

  4. I susbcribe my slime, what's next? You will unlock a dashboard with a tracker to track your daily rewards. All rewards are available to read here

  5. How to claim my tokens reward? Tokens reward are calculated hourly and distributed daily. You are able to claim the tokens after IDO. All tokens are counted as airdrop tokens and are able to claim 100% on TGE

  6. How to track my referral rewards? You will have additional trackers on your dashboard to track your referral progress. There are 3 tier availables. Please read here for more information

  7. How would you pay my referral rewards? You will get 2 type of tokens! All referral rewards are in USDT & POIN. Please read here for more information

  8. How long the campaign last? It will start from October 2022 to December 202

  9. What are the Presale special benefits? Dividends, Token airdrops, POG status, Free NFT, Exclusive DAO, and referral program are only available at Presale

  10. How to earn Dividends? Mint Genesis NFT after IDO and stake your NFT to earn dividends monthly

  11. What if i cancel my subscription midway? Your gift cards reward are canceled and need to start from day 1 if you decided to re-adopt new slimes. However, all tokens are still claimable and will be upgraded to a new hash rate.

  12. What are the requirements to mint Genesis NFT? You will become eligible to mint Genesis NFT if you subscribe for 3 months without canceling the plan midway. it will be refreshed to day-1 if you resubscribe and you are not eligible to mint Genesis NFT if you cancel or change your subscription midway,

  13. What if i have more questions? Join our telegram group and ask right away to our admin here

Don't forget, 1 wallet for 1 adoption only. It is counted as 1 account and you need to return your slime if you want to adopt a new one

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