General Questions

  1. Is Poinswap Legit? Yes, we are legit, we are an incorporated company and have legal standing in our country. We are based in SEA region.

  2. Transparency Our company is a blockchain company with open source code. You can check the code in our github. The audit is coming soon before public sale

  3. What is $POIN? $POIN is Poinswap's native token which can be used for DAO, staking, and other utility purposes

  4. What is Rewards & Cashback? A percentage of the transaction fee will go into the community vault where the DAO will manage the funds to invest in retail projects in our launchpad. Imagine getting rewards for every transaction you make

  5. How do i get airdrops? You can get airdrops by being early contributors in our social media or through marketing campaigns. Airdrops campaign TBA

  6. What is RetailFi? Marriage between retail & DeFi products & financialization of point rewards. Say goodbye to #PlaytoEarn and say hello to #ShoptoEarn

  7. What is #ShoptoEarn? The more you shop, the better rewards you will get! A percentage of the protocol revenue will become a reward for you!

  8. What rewards do I get from #ShoptoEarn? Get token rewards by shopping gift cards, retail products, staking, and monthly transaction volume.

  9. What is double staking protocol? We invented the marriage between Web3 & Web2 ecosystem in the best way possible. Earn gift cards by staking both of Poinswap tokens & NFT rent to get various discounts in our merchant partners

  10. What are the other benefits from NFT Renting? You will able to enjoy other benefits just by renting NFT, such as DAO membership, lootbox airdrop, whitelist for partners program and more

  11. What is Decentralized Pet Assistant? It is your personal pet lives in the blockchain! Feed the pet by burning Poinswap token and get a chance for random airdrop

  12. What are the minimum transaction fee in Poinswap? The minimum transaction fee is 0,3% 0,1% for liquidity provider 0,02% for $POIN liquidity 0,05% for Double Staking Protocol 0,05% for rewards pool 0,03% treasury 0,05% for buyback and burn

  13. Do you have any tax model? We do have a tax model before officially launching the public sale. Tax will be used to prevent massive sell and functions as a whale protection system

  14. Are you going to multichain with another blockchain? 100%, We are going to multichain with several blockchains, such as BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polkadot, Arbitrum, Aptos, Sui & Ethereum

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