Stake your own NFT

Stake your own NFT from your personal collection to increase staking hash rate

Stake your own NFT is only available after subscribing Epic or Legendary NFT. By activating the Stake Your NFT feature, you will be able to stake NFT from your wallet to increase the hash rate

Stake Your NFT will be live in q3 2023 and right now still on development

Why Stake Your NFT?

Do you buy NFT in a bull market and now lost its value just like Logan Paul? Do you feel your NFT could do better rather than just sitting in your wallet? or do you think NFT should be more than JPEG?

Don't worry we got you! Now you will be able to stake your own NFT to increase the Double Staking Protocol staking hash rate. The more NFT your stake, the rewards it will be!

How it works

  1. Subscribe to Epic or Legendary NFT to unlock the Stake Your NFT feature

  2. Go to the Double Staking Protocol dashboard and add your NFT

  3. You can add up to 5 of your NFTs to the protocol

  4. More information are coming soon!

How you benefit from it

  1. Increase staking hash rate

  2. Make your NFT become useful

  3. Earn passive income by lending your NFT to other protocols

Rewards Calculation

  1. Poinswap will only choose NFT with a market value in its early stage (because still in beta)

  2. We will calculate the hash rate base on the latest 3 months price average

  3. Stake your NFT to increase staking hash rate


  1. Feature on v1 will in Beta testing

  2. Stake Your NFT feature is coming soon on Q3 2023

  3. Don't cancel your slime subscription midway or you will lose your rewards

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