Poinswap v1.0
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Referral Rewards

Earn rewards up to 10% in stablecoin and 20% POIN

Warning: Poinswap has not launched any token yet. Please make sure the website you click is poinswap.com, and any social media handle should be from the website. Beware of scam!

Referral program & rewards designed for you to earn passive income by inviting your friend to adopt slimes! earn up to 10% commission in USDT and 20% commission in $POIN. You will earn POG status as well by inviting your referral!

General Information

  1. 1.
    Referral & Rewards programs are activated after you subscribing your first slime
  2. 2.
    There will be a maximum of 3 levels (tiers) available up to 10% rewards. See rewards table for more information
  3. 3.
    All rewards are paid in USDT. See rewards table for more information
  4. 4.
    Additional rewards is in $POIN, following the airdrop vesting schedule
  5. 5.
    Your referral MUST adopt a slime as well to be counted as an active buddy
  6. 6.
    Non-active referral are not counted for commission reward
  7. 7.
    You are eligible to participate for Pre-IDO token sale with a discounted price base on your referral counts. See rewards table for more information
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    For general FAQ, please see here