Token Categories

Browse and swap tokens base on their categories. Earn blue tick profile by vote in DAO

Our platform will have 2 categories of tokens

1. Non-curated token

Anybody can list their token in Poinswap just like any other exchange without additional benefit

2. Curated token

Curated token have features such as

  1. Featured on the search list

    Poinswap will not feature your token in the search list if you haven't passed through our KYC process. This is to enable our free-scam trade zone. However, you still can list your token in the platform. By having your token appear in the search box, it will increase trust from the trader Case study : Poinswap WILL NOT index the un-curated token in the search box, however people still can copy-paste the un-curated token address to appear in search box If Steve is looking for BSC, it will appear in the search box because BSC is a verified token. However, if Steve is looking for BSC-POW, it will never appear in the search box as long as the project is not verified by our KYC

  2. Appear in token category section

    Only curated token will appear in tokthe en category section. Poinswap has a feature where we categorize toktokensse on their industry or specialization. The un-curated token will never appear here

  3. Your token name color will change

    To differentiate which one is curated and which one is none

  4. Get a chance for a blue mark upgrade free by vote

    You can get a blue mark upgrade like twitter or instagram for free by community vote. You can read more

By having curated tokens and their features, we believe it will help the trader to trade with ease and comfort

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