There are 3 types of Dividends in Poinswap. Each dividends will be distributed for different type of purposes. All dividends will have its own dividends pool

  1. 4% of protocol revenue

  2. Multiplier up to 10% of protocol revenue with locked staking

  3. Rewarded for investors who lock assets in the Double Staking Protocol

  4. Claimable and trackable in the dividends pool

  1. LP dividends is different from protocol revenue and LP rewards

  2. 65% of LP revenue is distributed to LP dividends

  3. No multiplier

  4. LP dividends is earned by providing services to other protocol, such as liquidity as a service, loan and launchpad

  5. Earn LP dividends by providing LP in the Index Pool and Future Pool

  6. Vote in DAO to participate

  7. claimable and trackable in the LP dividend pool

  1. 1% of protocol revenue

  2. No multiplier

  3. Rewarded for all early backers of Poinswap Pre-IDO campaign

  4. Lifetime rewards for all backers who have Genesis NFT

  5. Genesis NFT earned by 3 months NFT subscriptions of any tier

  6. Claimable and trackable in the backers pool

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