DAO & Launchpad

DAO will be developed earlier than Launchpad

Unlock Poinswap DAO features by owning a minimum 100 $POIN. The DAO will be functional for governance and LP voting

Governance DAO

Governance DAO is a voting tool for Poinswap upcoming features. By owning minimum 100 Poin, you are eligible to vote. The higher Poin you have, the higher your voting points will be

How to join Governance DAO

Simply open the DAO page on the website to vote. DAO feature will be open on late Q1 2023 or early Q2 2023

What are the Governance DAO features

  1. The ability to vote on which features should be prioritized in Poinswap

  2. Vote for validator as a service

  3. Vote for new token listing

  4. And more are coming soon


LP DAO is only available for LP providers. LP providers are able to vote on which services to offer to other protocol to earn LP dividends

How to Join LP DAO

  1. Own minimum 100 $POIN

  2. Provide liquidity in the Index Pool or Future Pool

  3. Stake in the Double Staking Protocol

  4. Unlock the LP DAO from the homepage

  5. Vote for the services

What are the LP services

  1. Liqudity as a service: Investors are able to vote to provide liquidity collected from the LP staking to other protocol E.G. There are $1,000,000 liquidity send to Lido to earn yield from providing liqudity in their protocol

  2. Loan: Providing $1,000,000 liquidity as a flash loan in Aave to earn yield from lending in their protocol

  3. Invest in launchpad: We are working together with the best launchpad and reinvest the liqudiity in new projects. This feature is high risk and participating members need to vote to join as an individual

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