POG NFT is for Poinswap OG members, a symbol of status and prestige


POG NFT is a reward for all Presale investors with no minimum subscription and works for any tier of slime. You will get a random NFT drop which is tradable. All POG NFT will have their own utility which is different from Genesis NFT

How to get POG NFT?

  1. Subscribe to any tier of slime for any duration

  2. Don’t cancel or change your subscription midway

  3. Mint POG NFT after IDO

  4. Your POG NFT is a random drop

  5. Stake your POG NFT to activate its utility

Is it tradable?

Yes, it is tradable. You will not receive a random NFT. It will be distributed based on the subscription plan you have. Any NFT are tradable in Poinswap NFT marketplace, which will be open on Q4 2023

In the meantime, Poinswap will use Open Sea before the feature is live.

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