Presale Terms & Conditions

Warning: Poinswap has not launched any token yet. Please make sure the website you click is, and any social media handle should be from the website. Beware of scam!

General Information

  1. 1 wallet for 1 adoption (you CAN NOT have more than 1 adoption per wallet)

  2. To change your adoption, you need to cancel your previous adoption plan to the new one

  3. You will lose your chance to get Gift Card airdrop and refresh your Genesis NFT rewards to day-1 if you cancel your adoption plan midway, however, you will still able to claim daily token airdrop

  4. Investors who got caught cheating or abused will be penalized and all rewards shall be canceled. Poinswap has the right to conduct any violation to the rules

  5. All investor adopting the slime will be automatically gain the POG status, this POG status limited to Pre-IDO only

  6. POGers are able to join Poinswap exclusive DAO

Dividends Calculation

  1. Dividends is accounted from 1% of the Protocol Revenue

  2. There will be a new pool, Dividends pool which is eligible 3 months after IDO

  3. 10% of the pool is for Common Slime subscribers

  4. 30% of the pool is for Rare Slime subscribers

  5. 60% of the pool is for Epic Slime subscribers

  6. Legendary slime information is coming soon. Right now it is accounted as epic subscribers

How to become eligible to earn Dividends

  1. Subscribe slime for any tier for 3 months duration

  2. Mint Genesis NFT after IDO

  3. Stake your Genesis NFT to earn dividends

  4. Dividends are distributed monthly

  5. All payments are in stable coin

  6. Cancelling or changing your subscription midway will refresh your rewards to day-1

Genesis NFT

  1. Investors who subscribe to any tier of slime are eligible to mint Genesis NFT

  2. Genesis NFT is only available after IDO

  3. Stake your Genesis NFT to earn dividends

  4. Genesis NFT is tradable

  5. Genesis NFT is not random, you will mint Genesis NFT based on your subscription plan


  1. Referrals are up to 3 tiers

  2. Referrals with active subscriptions is counted as active refferals

Token Reward & Gift Card

Token Airdrop

  1. Tokens reward will be seen as an airdrop and are only available Pre-IDO. There will be no more tokens reward after IDO ends

  2. Investors are able to claim 100% of the token airdrops on TGE day (schedule coming soon)

  3. Total of 2% of marketing tokens are allocated for POGers, however, if the number of POGs is massive, we will release additional tokens with a lower hash rate

Gift Card

  1. All Gift Cards are located in EU, US & APAC only.

  2. Gift cards are non-refundable

  3. If you get gift cards that are unused in your country, you might sell it in our partners' secondary market

  4. Gift card airdrops rate may vary, depending on your slime tier.

  5. Airdrop rates are using pseudo chance with the table below

  6. Gift card is only available after IDO

Gift CardsCommon SlimeRare SlimeEpic Slime

































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