Decentralized Pet Assistant

Decentralized pet assistant is gamified loyalty program where you can earn rewards after completing certain milestones

Have you ever collecting stamps or coupons from the supermarket to get a reward at the end of the promotion period? It works the same! You will earn various rewards from completing milestones by doing any kind of transaction in the DEX

How it works

  1. There will be a menu in your profile to access your pet assistant

  2. Once the feature is accessible, you will receive missions to complete

  3. Complete the mission to earn rewards

  4. Claim the rewards and enjoy the benefits!

  5. The pet is not an NFT, however, you are able to feed it to earn exclusive airdrop from partners

  6. Buy pet food to level up your pet to get a higher chance for better rewards

What are the rewards?

  1. $POIN tokens

  2. NFT

  3. NFT subscriptions package

  4. Partner's airdrop

  5. Merchant gift cards

  6. Many more!


  1. The pet is NOT an NFT, you don't have to pay anything to play with the pet or unlock the mission

  2. Everything from the pet assistant is FREE, you only pay for what you want to buy

  3. This feature will be activated once you complete your first transaction in Poinswap

  4. You can NOT mint this pet as NFT, but if you get NFT as a reward, it is mint-able


  1. Steve got a mission card to complete a minimum transaction of $1,000 for 10 times

  2. Steve completed the mission and get a reward

  3. Steve open the reward box and got Epic NFT subscriptions for 3 months

  4. Steve are able to use the reward to enjoy the subscription perks & unlock the Double Staking Protocol for free

More information is coming soon! stay tune in our social media for more information

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