Double Staking Protocol

The revolutionary double staking protocol to maximize yields from staking

Staking is more than releasing supply to the market

It’s more about the sustainability and the longevity of the token and the protocol itself rather than selling “dreams” and rushing the vesting schedule by releasing an enormous amount of supply, which caused instability and volatility in the price and liquidity of the project.

Poinswap believes every single token issued to the market must have liquidity and value derived from the protocol revenue and/or network fees, all with limited supply and burn mechanisms that are designed to control the supply and demand of the token to maintain the price value of the project.

Double Staking Protocol

If you are familiar with multiplier staking from GMX, in Poinswap, you need to familiarize yourself with the double staking protocol.

Double Staking Protocol is a reward mechanism where we rewarded our investors with a “dividend” by long-term staking both of $POIN or $PTS tokens & the NFT subscriptions.

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