Genesis NFT

Genesis NFT is for Poinswap biggest supporters on the Ptesale Campaign. We reward our investors with a lifetime dividends of 1% from the protocol revenue

What is Genesis NFT?

Genesis NFT works as an identity to reward our exclusive Presale investors with 1% of the Protocol Revenue as Dividends which are distributed monthly. The revenue will be sent to the Presale Pool where all qualified investors are able to earn rewards in stablecoins monthly. The Genesis NFT will be available in the Polygon network

The only way to get Genesis NFT is by participating in the Pre-IDO campaign and a minimum 3 months subscription for any tiers of slime

How to get Genesis NFT?

  1. Join Presale

  2. Subscribe to any tier of slimes for 3 months

  3. Don’t cancel or change your subscription midway

  4. Mint Genesis NFT after IDO

  5. Your Genesis NFT is not randomized, it will be based on your slime tiers (E.G. Epic slime subscribers will get Epic Genesis NFT)

  6. Stake your Genesis NFT to earn Dividends monthly

  7. Genesis NFT that is staked is not counted for Dividends distribution

How to use Genesis NFT?

  1. Mint your Genesis NFT after IDO

  2. Stake your Genesis NFT in the Early Backers Pool

  3. Claim rewards monthly

  4. Unstake and sell in Open Sea if you want to resell in the secondary market

Is it tradable?

Yes, it is tradable. You will not receive a random NFT. It will be distributed based on the subscription plan you have. Any NFT are tradable in Poinswap NFT marketplace, which will be open on Q4 2023

In the meantime, Poinswap will use Open Sea before the feature is live.

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