POG Status

Warning: Poinswap has not launched any token yet. Please make sure the website you click is poinswap.com, and any social media handle should be from the website. Beware of scam!

POG, or what you called Poinswap OG, are the exclusive members that are only available to obtain in the Presale Campaign. You can not get it anywhere after the campaign is over.

How to get your POG status

  1. Join all of our social media

  2. Get your first referral

  3. Congrats you got your POG status

  4. POG be able to claim right away after you complete the conditions

  5. Join Poinswap Exclusive DAO and get verified

To rewards our POGers, we will reward lifelong benefits:

  1. Exclusive DAO POG status or badge

  2. Exclusive POG NFT limited collection to all POGers (it's different from GENESIS NFT, you are eligible to mint POG NFT without 3 months subscription. NFTs are available after IDO)

  3. Guaranteed whitelist for partners' program

  4. Free monthly loot box airdrop

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