Index Pool & Future Pool

What are Index Pool and Future Pool

A double pool designed to reduce impermanent loss which works similarly with GMX or IZI Swap, but is separated into 2 big pool categories and works parallel one to another

Poinswap will distribute 15% of its Protocol Revenue to support the liquidity of the pool.

10% of the Protocol Revenue will go to Index Pool 5% of the Protocol Revenue will go to Future Pool

10% of generated income from the Index Pool will go to the Future Pool to support low market cap projects. Vice versa with 15% of the Future Pool will go to the Index Pool protocol since the risk of a low market cap project failing is greatly higher than big market cap projects

Index Pool

Works similar to traditional index funds, investors are able to put liquidity in a big pool that covers every blue chip token. This will help to reduce the impermanent loss risk while providing liquidity for projects. The tax to redeem LP or buying/selling Index Pool tokens is low since the projects are mostly verified and has high credibility

Future Pool

Future Pool is designed for a low market cap or newer projects. Low-cap projects are not listed in the index pool, instead, there will be a new pool which is the Future Pool that works the same as Index Pool.

Most of the low-cap projects have high taxes to avoid sell-off. There will be 5–10% taxes for LP providers and retail investors who want to buy low-cap tokens, however, the rewards for the long-term holders is sweeter than honey

What makes it unique?

Deep Liquidity

Index Pool & Future Pool provides deep liquidity to the project in the Poinswap protocol. We put the liquidity in 2 big pools which support each other’s ecosystem & business framework. The smart contract and financial model are designed similarly to traditional index funds.

Supporting Low Cap projects without draining Big Cap liquidity

The separation of the pools is agnostically designed to prevent the liquidity of the big-cap projects drained by small-cap projects. Thus, since the protocol is designed to be sustainable and profitable, it will reward the hodlers and investors of Poinswap tokens either in the short-term or long-term projection.

Providing liquidity in the Pool

Choose your pool and provide the liquidity to earn 2 types of LP tokens. You can provide liquidity in both pools to get both tokens.

$IPTS: Index Points

Liquidity provider token that was issued when investor provided liquidity in the Index Pool. The IPTS stands for Index Points.

$FPTS: Future Points

Liquidity provider token that was issued when investor provided liquidity in the Future Pool. The FPTS stands for Future Points.

LP Rewards

Earn 0,1% of the transaction fee for LP providers. Please note since there are dual pool, you will only earn the rewards for any tokens traded in the pool you provide

E.G. if you provide LP in Index Pool, you will not get any rewards from any low-cap tokens from the future pool. It applies vice versa to LP from Future Pool

Investors are able to multiply the liquidity provider rewards by staking the $PTS to the Double Staking Protocol to farm more yield and earn dividends

Earn multiple rewards by locked staking, such as tokens, a loot box for Decentralized Pet Assistant, and retail gift cards (such as Amazon credit, Google credit, and more)

LP Dividend

Investors are able to join the DAO to vote between liquidity as a service, loan, or investing in launchpads as a product to sell to another protocol. The dividends are distributed at the end of each month.

Dividend rewards are different from LP rewards Dividend rewards will act as multipliers which investors are able to benefit from locked staking

Investors who redeem their LP tokens before the locked period ends will be voided from the dividend rewards. See more about the dividend calculations here

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