Poinswap v1.0
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Presale Dividends

Earn dividends by joining presale
1% of the Protocol Revenue will be distributed as dividends for all presale investors in the presale Pool

Warning: you are only eligible to earn Early Backers Dividends by staking Genesis NFT. Genesis NFT is available to mint after IDO and different from POG NFT. You will only qualify to mint the NFT with 3 months subscription

Common NFT
Rare NFT
Epic NFT
10% of the Pool
30% of the Pool
60% of the Pool
Rewarded monthly
Rewarded monthly
Rewarded monthly
Payment in stable coin
Payment in stable coin
Payment in stable coin
Gas fee included
Gas fee included
Free gas fee
$75 total subscription fee
$297 total subscribtion fee
$1,347 total subscription fee

Dividends Calculation

Assuming there is $1,000,000 protocol revenue in June 2023 with 1,000 investors for each tier, 1% of the Protocol Revenue or $10,000 will be distributed to Early Backers Pool
10% of the pool
30% of the pool
60% of the pool
1,000 investors
1,000 investors
1,000 investors
$1 dividends each person
$3 dividends each person
$6 dividends each person
Not include gas fee
Not include gas fee
Include gas fee

How to earn Dividends as Early Backers in Poinswap?

  1. 1.
    Join Presale
  2. 2.
    Subscribe to any tier of slimes for 3 months
  3. 3.
    Mint Genesis NFT after IDO
  4. 4.
    Stake your Genesis NFT to earn Dividends monthly
  5. 5.
    Genesis NFT are tradable
  6. 6.
    Genesis NFT that are staked is not counted for Dividends distribution