Validator as a service

Now everyone can become a validator with a little as 50 tokens from selected blockchain

Validator as a service is a revolutionary staking protocol that solves 2 problems

  1. High cost to run as a validator

  2. Close / exclusive group of validators

How it works

  1. There will be a menu in the DAO or staking pool which identifies the validator as a service feature

  2. Choose the selected chain available (E.G. Polygon, AVAX, Aptos and more)

  3. Stake minimum 50 of the chain's native tokens

  4. The pool will be closed after the minimum tokens requirement are fulfilled

How you benefit from it

Investors are able to earn yield from being validators in the selected protocol based on the shares of their pool. Rewards are distributed monthly

Investors are also able to vote to open new projects in Polygon Supernet, AVAX subnets, and more when the minimum requirements to open the features are met

What blockchain is available for this service

Right now we are developing the smart contract for Polygon, AVAX, ETH, BNB, Aptos and upcoming SUI


  1. This feature is coming soon on Q3 2023

  2. Investors are able to vote in DAO which protocol should be priorities

  3. It will be locked staking

  4. More information coming soon

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