Poinswap v1.0
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Poinswap Decentralized Exchange
Poinswap Decentralized Exchange Whitepaper
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    Poinswap, pioneering RetailFi
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    Challenges in current DEX and other Defi protocol
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    The Blockchain we used
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    v1 Features 5.1 Swap 5.2 Staking 5.3 Token KYC 5.4 Token Category & Profile 5.6. Genesis NFT 5.7. Demo Account
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    Upcoming Features 6.1 Perpetual Trading 6.2 Retail Launchpad 6.3 Retail Liquidity as Service 6.4 Poinswap Metaverse Project
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    Impermanent Loss Free!
    7.1 FaaS 7.2 PaaS
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    Oracles 8.1 External Oracles 8.2 Internal Oracles
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    Protocol Security
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    10.1 Community Fund
  11. 11.
    Tokenomics 11.1 $POIN
  12. 12.
    Usecase 12.1 Curated Token
    12.2 Premium User
    12.3 Retail Launchpad
    12.4 Poinmall
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    Official Support Channel
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1. Abstract

Poinswap is pioneering RetailFi to the crypto community by building retail ecosystem and tokenizing point rewards in Poinswap DeFi Protocol. Poinswap is tech enablers for retailers by whitelisting Avalanche subnets to retail partners.
Poinswap is a decentralized crypto exchange designed for retailers and experienced beginners in the crypto market. We are working on Avalanche cross-chain on Polygon, Polkadot, Harmony, and BNB Chain. Poinswap is here to answer the main problem of first-time retail or institution partners to start their project in the blockchain. With this product, they can start building with minimum knowledge and experience in DEX and engage with the community seamlessly with our user friendly UI / UX . Poinswap will become your friendly neighborhood DEX!
Poinswap also has DAO, a tool for holders and investors to vote and review tokens, upcoming projects and manage the Poinswap's features. Members of the council will be determined by token holders and Poinswap’s partners to give the best user experience.
Shortly, Poinswap aims to take part in the metaverse by building Poinmall, a metaverse integration where financial products will become core of the project. Poinmall will be a marketplace where retailers can take part in metaverse project to display and sell their products. The idea is simple, we buy land in metaverse to build a mall for rent out, giving retailers the opportunity to join the metaverse with low cost possible.

2. Poinswap, Pioneering RetailFi

Over the past decade, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has continued to evolve to match the development of the digital asset market. Almost every protocol provide features that benefit the community, such as lending, yield generator, derivatives, insurances, DEXes and many more. Poinswap is trying to bring the best of DeFi products for retailers to join the blockchain revolution.
Poinswap is a decentralized crypto exchange designed for retailers and experienced beginners in the crypto market. We are working on Avalanche cross-chain on Polygon, Polkadot, Harmony, and BNB Chain. Poinswap is here to answer the main problem of first-time retail or institution partners to start their project in the blockchain. With this product, they can start building with minimum knowledge and experience in DEX and engage with the community seamlessly with our user friendly UI / UX . Poinswap will become your friendly neighborhood DEX!
Poinswap also building an ecosystem for retailers and institutions by whitelisting subnets in Avalanche. Partners are able to run their own permission or permissionless blockchain through Poinswap DeFi protocol #RetailFi. Poinswap also building retail launchpad, retail profile, retail staking profile and community fund services. The DeFi protocol makes it able to tokenizing point rewards from every purchase you make in the platform. Instead play to earn, you will benefit from shop to earn #shoptoearn.
As for the metaverse project, Poinswap will purchase land plot in the metaverse and rent the space to SMEs and manufacturers to market their products with lowest cost possible. we are building an ecosystem which we called as RetailFi. Instead of Play to Earn, you will get Shop to Earn. You can learn more about RetailFi here. You will see Poinmall everywhere in the metaverse!

3. Challenges in current DEX and other DeFi protocol

DeFi has changed the way financial model and spending behavior from the consumer perspective. It has open and broaden the opportunity for any company, individual or even organizations to monetize in borderless and open society through Web 3.0.
Poinswap realized there's an entry barrier between retail partners and institutions to join the blockchain revolution. Building a blockchain solution is similar as if building a different company for retail partners. Aside from the risk of the blockchain industry in the eyes of institutions, the learning curve and the cost to build is not worth it, especially to medium size and small medium enterprises company.
For some scenario, you will hear "trade at your own risk" or "beware of scammers", however, for institutional grade it will become "build at your own risk" or "beware of scam founders". We have learnt from our mistakes, but what about new people who are new to crypto?
Below are the list of entry barriers for retailers and institutions to join the blockchain revolution:
a. High cost b. Management structures c. Learning curve d. Need someone who actually understand blockchain to operate e. Branding & marketing to the crypto community
For some company scale it might be even worse, for that reasons Poinswap will build DeFi protocol designed for retailers and institutions with user friendly and curated DEX.

4. The Blockchains we used

Poinswap uses Avalanche as its main blockchain. The reason is simple, we believe for the ability of AVAX to build subnets for retailers and its consensus model. Most of the retailers will have their own subnets where they can manage the company in AVAX blockchain through Poinswap DEX and Poinswap launchpad. Poinswap will be the entry-level for retailers to trade their assets on DEX.
On the other hand, we will cross-chain with Polygon, Polkadot, Harmony, and BNB chain Each blockchain has its own unique and powerful features. When Polygon will become the bridge to trade with Ethereum assets, Polkadot will provide Parachain features, BNB Chain will help us to bring more people from Binance CEX to DEX

What about the validators?

To be able running a subnets in Avalanche, we need 7 validators with minimum 2000 AVAX in the balance ($100,000 in the current $50 price) or total of $700,000 worth of AVAX. The high cost to run a subnets will become a bigger problem for retail partners to join the #RetailFi program. Hence, a validators staking pool will be made for investors in the collective validators pool.

5. v1 Features

5.1. Swap

Swapping / Trading

Poinswap offers competitive trading rate. The biggest difference is that you can trade right away, anytime and anywhere from the token profile instead of going to the trade menu. This will make your trading experience easier than ever

Liquidity Pools

You can only swap tokens on Poinswap if there is enough liquidity for the tokens. If nobody has added much liquidity for the token or tokens you want to swap, it will be difficult, expensive, or impossible to do so.
Providing liquidity will get you LP Tokens, which will earn you rewards in the form of trading fees for making sure that there's always liquidity for the exchange to use.

Yield Farming

Yield farming lets users that are providing liquidity earn $POIN rewards by locking their LP tokens into a smart contract. The incentive is to balance out the risk of impermanent loss that comes along with locking in your liquidity.
Poinswap will use FaaS technology so users can get the best yield in the market. Now users don't really need to manually moved their funds because Poinswap will do the homework with our dashboard monitoring system.
The dashboard monitoring system will works as a one click button to invest in various yield made by our partners in the DEX

5.2 Staking

Users are able to stake their $POIN in Poinswap V. 1.0. Not only they are able to get $POIN as reward, users are also able to activate premium membership feature by locking certain amount of $POIN. By activating premium membership feature, users are able to use perpetual trading supported by ApolloX or Binance DEX

5.3. Token KYC

Partners will be able to register their tokens in Poinswap KYC document. By applying to Poinswap KYC program, partners token will be available in token category. This feature is an option and partners still able to launch their token without KYC just like any other DEX, however their token will not get listed in token category and appear in the search box

5.4. Token Category & Token Profile

Poinswap has a token category section where users can browse token based on their category instead of bulk search. Users will also be able to activate the swap feature right away from the Token Profile. As simple as that!

5.5. Genesis NFT

Poinswap will launch genesis NFT as part of fundraising. User who buy Genesis NFTs will be eligible to become a premium member without staking any $POIN. User can activate their NFT in the website and enjoy various benefits from the Poinswap platform.
User will also enjoy $POIN airdrops which they can trade on public sale day

5.6. Lottery

Playing Poinswap Lottery gives you a chance to win huge $POIN prizes! Easy to understand, fair, and you can enter anytime anywhere as long as you buy and use $POIN as your entry ticket. More info coming soon on the website

5.7. Demo Account

Now everybody can trade without transfer any money to the DEX. Demo account make it possible for everybody to simulate their trade. This feature will help trader, especially experienced beginners (from CEX but never or rarely use DEX) to make trading easier and safer than ever


Similar to GameFi, RetailFi will disrupt the blockchain industry with Shop to Earn. Poinswap is a tech enablers for retailers by whitelisting Avalanche subnets to retail partners. You can learn more information about RetailFi here

6. Upcoming Features

6.1. Perpetual Trading

Poinswap realizes the importance of perpetual trading feature, especially for experienced traders. We will connect API with ApolloX Finance or Binance DEX to provide this feature for premium users. Premium users will unlock perpetual trading by staking a certain amount of $POIN and will enjoy discounted rates based on how much they $POIN they lock.
About Apollo X
ApolloX Finance is a decentralized derivatives trading protocol. Through "off-chain matching + on-chain settlement" model, Apollox Finance achieves high transaction performance and fast response speeds while ensuring the safety and transparency of users’ funds. Furthermore, ApolloX Finance has excellent market depth since it shares liquidity with ApolloX CEX. Users can enjoy a smooth trading experience while connecting to ApolloX Finance with just one click through their decentralized wallets.
About Binance DEX
Binance DEX is a decentralized exchange created by Binance and powered by the company's Binance Coin (BNB). It offers lower fees and improved security over centralized exchanges. However, it also has a steeper learning curve, and is best suited to experienced crypto users

6.2. Retail Launchpad

Retail launchpad will work just like any other launchpad with focus on retail acquisition. Retailers are welcome to join and incubate before finally launching their product in Poinmall, a land owned by Poinswap in the metaverse.

6.3. Liquidity as Service for Retails

To help retailers growth, Poinswap will launch liquidity as service in Q2 2023. The purpose of this feature is to help retailers focus more on their product instead of managing the financial side of their token. More info will come in the near future!

6.4. Poinswap Metaverse Project

Poinswap is committed to become a one stop platform for newcomers and provide retailers agateway to the metaverse. The concept of Poinswap Metaverse is simple, we buy land plot the in Metaverse and build a mall with space for rent for retailers. Thus, retailers are able to launch their product in the metaverse with affordable prices.
On the other hand, newcomers are able to enjoy metaverse the experience just like any other conventional marketplace. Users can enjoy browse and shop either in the Poinswap platform or the metaverse.
Poinswap will issue the new utility token the $PTS as currency for payment and merchant reward system. More info coming soon!

7. Impermanent Loss Free DEX

7.1 FaaS

FaaS or Farm as a Service is an emerging sector in DeFi today, Poinswap will use the same mechanism so all users just need to stake 1 token to farm other tokens in the platform

7.2 PaaS

PaaS or Pool as a Services is a terms Poinswap invented to handle permanent loss issues in the current DEX. Liquidity provider doesn't get enough rewards and there's high risk they might lose their money from impermanent loss. PaaS works the same as FaaS but with different mechanism.
Users just need to stake their $POIN and stable coin to provide liqudiity to all projects.

8. Oracles

Poinswap will using Chainlink as oracle. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchains to real-world datasets, including events, data feeds, and non-blockchain payment methods. A decentralized oracle can convey information to the blockchain that isn't inherent to the blockchain. Chainlink will be used to bridge the gap between traditional data and any future developments in blockchain technology, allowing smart contracts to interface with real-world data and providing them with secure access to key data resources.
Chainlik Oracle
This will ensure that any blockchain has reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs. The Chainlink protocol also includes measures for ensuring data accuracy and reliability. There will be three layers to this. The first layer will have the Oracle or data aggregation from several Oracles. While the second tier will contain individual Oracle Pools with the option of collateral slashing for improved data dependability, and the third layer will include a pool of Oracle Pools.

8.1 Internal Oracles

Internal oracles are used when external oracles are not ready or not available. More info will be updated next

8.2 External Oracles

The information provided by external oracles is the primary source for maintaining the liquidation model.

9. Protocol Security

The security of the project is enhanced by protocol architecture, code quality, health monitors, active liquidation bots, and insurance. This will provide secure delivery of data between two parties.
The collateralization ratio ensures that the loan amount is always lower than a specific percentage of collateral, while the origination fee for borrowing prevents spam on the contract.
It incorporates aspects such as; key agreement or establishment, entity authentication, symmetric encryption, and message authentication material construction, secured application-level data transport, non-repudiation methods, secret sharing methods, secure multi-party computation.

10. Governance

Poinswap is looking to introduce a new governance system to build a scalable system truly controlled by active users and backers of the community, especially to fund retails project
The voting power will be calculated by both the native token balance and users’ on-chain / off-chain activity analysis.
The governance decides critical decisions and parameters for the lending pools, including:
  • Assets adding and removal
  • Collateralization ratio per asset by asset's risk ratio
  • Yield programs
  • Fee rates / Usage of the fees
  • Protocol upgrades
  • Project Funding
  • Project Removing
  • Community Fund

Community Fund

Imagine Polkastarter or Kickstarter but you don't have to use your money to fund the project Community Fund Is a feature developed by Poinswap team where we will allocate 0,02% from the transaction fee to Poinswap Community Vault. The fund in the vault can be used to fund community project and will be decided by DAO. List of the community projects can be either proposed in the DAO or launchpad or retail launchpad. User are able to generate passive income base on $POIN they stake.

11. Tokenomics

11.1 $POIN

$POIN is native token of Poinswap which users can use for governance and liquidity balancing for Poinswap utility token. Specifications :
Circulating Supply :
The token Structure
  • STAKING: 31%
  • VC: 22%
  • TEAM: 15%
  • ECOSYSTEM: 11%
  • RESERVE: 4%
  • ADVISORS: 2%
  • IDO: 1%
  • AIRDROP: 1%
How to get : Private sale, Public Sale, VC, Airdrop, Staking reward
For Poinmall token, Poinswap will using different type of token. $PTS will be issued for stable payment and reward system to ensure retails has the best benefit from item purchase

12. Use case

12.1. Curated Token

Poinswap will categorize tokens based on their industry in token dashboard to help traders easily find tokens they want. Users can navigate in token category section in the website and start browsing
New tokens that want to get listed in the curated token section can apply in the website, however users can still list their tokens easily just like any other DEX. The difference is tokens without KYC won't appear in the token category section.

12.2. Premium User

Users can stake a certain amount of $POIN and level up to become premium user. Not only can premium users enjoy benefits of lower transaction fees, they can activate the perpetual trading feature and get a priority list for upcoming NFT or launchpad projects

12.3. Retail Launchpad

Merchandise "Company A" wants to sell their product in the metaverse but has limited knowledge and capital. They need help from consultants and the launchpad so they can issue their own token and launch their product in the metaverse. By applying to Poinswap Retail Launchpad, Merchandise "Company A" will get the necessary knowledge, guidance and community to promote their token

12.4. Poinmall

After successful launch, Merchandise "Company A" is ready to step their foot in the metaverse. Thus they decide to rent a space in Poinmall, a digital mall build by Poinswap in the metaverse. Retailers are able to rent, promote and sell their product with affordable price in Poinmall.
Users are able to enjoy one stop shopping experience with curated retail partners in the mall

13. Roadmap

Q2 2022

  • Launch $POIN and smart contract
  • VC Funding
  • Private Sale
  • Demo Account
  • Launch Alpha
  • Staking Event
  • Pre-sale

Q3 2022

  • Public Sale
  • Launch Beta
  • Airdrop Campaign
  • Genesis NFT
  • Launch Mini Games
  • Community Building

Q4 2022

  • Poinswap v1 Launch
  • Token Category
  • Airdrop Distribution
  • Retail Launchpad
  • Retail Profile
  • Community Fund

14. Official Support Channel

15. Disclaimer

This document is intended for use by the Poinswap DEX. The Poinswap team may adjust the actual business planning according to industry development requirements and related laws, administrative regulations, local regulations, and department regulations. This whitepaper does not establish a legal opinion regarding the purchase or sale of Poinswap tokens or their associated companies, corporate equity, claims, or owners' equity.
Every proposal or price will be applied under the applicable securities law and other relevant laws and regulations. Thus, advice or opinion for investment is not constituted from the information or analysis in this document. This whitepaper should not be interpreted as any civil offer, civil promise, civil action, or civil contract. Poinswap tokens are virtual tokens issued by the Poinswap DEX platform. Because of the volatility of the crypto market, users who purchase and hold Poinswap tokens may profit from the price increase of Poinswap tokens. However, they may also suffer losses due to falling prices. The price of Poinswap tokens will be determined through market transactions and the team may increase or adjust the token's service contents according the the business development needs. All business development needs will thoroughly discussed from DAO process
Poinswap team makes no promises or guarantees regarding the future price of the tokens. Poinswap users should be aware of the risks of the projects invested/promoted by the platform. Individual investors or institutional investors will partake in the token investment to understand and accept the risk of the project and are willing to bear all consequences and risks accordingly. Poinswap team does not guarantee the increase in value of the tokens. $POIN tokens should not be considered as having the nature of ownership, control, or decision-making power of the Platform or its affiliates and companies. Poinswap tokens are commercial and do not have the nature of securities. Non-traditional financial products should not be registered as securities in any country or region.
Poinswap states in the disclaimer that it will not bear any direct or indirect losses caused by Poinswap investment projects, including loss of economic benefits due to users' operations; loss of economic benefits due to user's own mistakes, negligence, or inaccurate information; loss of economic benefits caused by the user's transaction of blockchain products; loss of economic benefits due to any failure of the blockchain, mainly from Binance Chain, AVAX, Polygon and Polkadot
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